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Cooking Oil Filtration


ProFry’s proprietary micro-filtration technology removes carbon and other impurities from your cooking oil at the degradation stage, returning it to optimum levels and allowing its useful life to be extended by up to 200%. Micro-filtration can be scheduled around high-volume periods or promotional events like wing nights or all-you-can-eat specials.

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Fryer management.

Our services
1. Break-in Oil
  • Yellow-white color

  • Light crisping

  • Very little oil soak-up

  • No odor

2. Fresh Oil
  • Slight browning color

  • Good crisping

  • More oil soak-up

  • Faint, appetizing odor

3. Optimum Oil
  • Golden brown color

  • Best crisping

  • Optimal oil soak-up

  • Appetizing odor

5. Waste Oil
  • Dark-to-black color

  • Hard, uneven cooking

  • Too much oil soak-up

  • Burned odor

Cooking Oil Grading

Let’s face it: fryer management is a hassle. Maintaining a consistently clean fryer is a challenge. Oil is messy to change, difficult to clean up and can often create dangerous work conditions that jeopardize employee safety.

Since 2006, ProFry has helped Western Pennsylvania’s top commercial kitchens operate more cleanly and efficiently by providing expert, high-quality deep-fryer support services. Using proprietary equipment, our team of experienced service technicians are equipped to filter or remove your cooking oil and clean your fryers so they’re always in tip-top shape. When we’re done, your waste oil is recycled and converted into clean-burning biofuels and animal feed ingredients. Best of all, we perform our services when it’s convenient for you — during off days or even after hours.

Whether you seek to improve or maintain consistent food quality, meet internal or government-mandated food safety compliance, or simply ease the operational burden of fryer maintenance, ProFry can help.


You take care of cooking. We’ll handle the rest.
ProFry Micro-Filtration
Deep Fryer Cleaning

Our staff uses food-grade cleaning agents as well as proprietary tools and equipment to get your fryers looking brand new each visit. Whether a one-time cleaning or regularly scheduled service, we get your fryers clean and keep them that way, so you don’t have to.

Small Container Oil Removal

Tired of the unsightly, smelly grease dumpsters or barrels sitting behind your facility, creating slip and fall hazards and attracting vermin? We can eliminate these problems with our small container oil removal program. Your staff can regularly deposit waste cooking oil into 5-gallon containers that we supply, and they will be retrieved straight from your facility at intervals of your choosing for recycling.

Total Fryer Management

For high-volume institutional kitchens and independent restaurants alike, ProFry’s flagship service provides all of the above fryer management activities — all you have to do is cook! Our staff will schedule regular service for fryer cleaning, oil filtration and/or removal of waste oil. We can remove waste cooking oil directly from your fryer or from containers we provide. If you provide us with fresh oil, we’ll refill your fryers as well. The end result: consistently better tasting fried foods and a cleaner fryer environment that reduces slip and fall hazards, meets food safety regulations and saves employee labor dollars.

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4. Degrading Oil
  • Darkened color

  • Overly crisp edges 

  • Too much oil soak-up

  • Slightly bad odor

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